Sunday, December 14, 2008

7 flights of 8 steps each

Our apartment is on the 4th floor of a large apartment building (called a dome). It is a very old building but seems substantial. We enter through a steel door with a push button combination lock. It looks like a door to a factory or something old and commercial. The first 8 steps lead to a landing with 4 doors, spaced a foot or so apart, each leading to an apartment. Then two more flights to another landing with 4 more doors, and so on. A friend of Sis. Harper's made a lot of little cut out hearts with sayings on them and stuck them top our door, so I'm always happy to see those little hearts as I head up the 7th flight of stairs. The doors to the apartments are also steel and are securely locked. It doesn't seem possible, having doors so close together, that the apartments could be very large, but ours is, and I assume the others are, also.
As you can imagine, we limit how much we buy at the store at any given trip. But between the two of us, we are able to stock up on what we need. We go shopping on Saturdays and Wednesday after work. Our fridge is an apartment-size with a tiny freezer space that determines what we fix for dinner at times--whatever is thawed is what we fix.
At the top of this post are pictures of the apartment (more will follow another time). On the left is our bedroom, taken from the window area with my bed in the foreground and Sis. Harper's on the right. The other picture is our living room, taken facing the window. I should have cleared off the table first.
The 3rd picture is the office Sis. Harper and I share (that's her at her desk). That's not a good picture of her. She's always very pleasant and smiling.

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