Saturday, April 3, 2010

Unexpected trip home for the Jacques

Elder and Sister Jacques are our wonderful senior couple who work with the youth and do many other things in the mission. She has knee problems and they have had to return to the States for a month so she can have surgery.
Sister Humphrey, Sister Dance, the Jacques and I went to dinner at Murales, an Italian restaurant (we were told). I didn't really see anything Italian on the menu, but it was good food. Sister Jacques ordered the most interesting item on the menu: salmon baked in salt crust. None of us knew what to expect and were very surprised to see it. It was a nice piece of salmon inside of a thick shell of salt. She was told by the waitress to whack the shell to break it open. You remove the shell completely and eat the salmon. It was a little salty (she let each of us taste it) but then what would you expect, baked like that. When it was served, it looked like a baked Alaska, and maybe that's where they got the idea.

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