Saturday, February 7, 2009

Apartment hunting

With the news that I would be serving with a much younger woman, and for 14 months, Sister Harper and I felt it would be well to find a 2-bedroom apartment. They aren't plentiful here. And what they consider 2 bedrooms, most often just means two rooms with a fold-out couch in each, or perhaps a bed in one and a fold out couch in the other, and no "living room."

A real estate agent took us to look at two of them the other evening. The first one was almost American-quality. It was very clean, nicely furnished, spacious (well roomy) and had two bedrooms plus a nice living room. It was completely furnished with nice furniture. One bedroom had a bed and the other had a fold-out couch. It was clean and much more attractive than those I've seen here. The bathroom had even been remodeled (remounted is their word) and had tile and a corner shower with glass door. It looked very modern and clean. The kitchen had a lot of nice wood cabinets, a gas cook top but no oven--just a microwave. It had a large fridge (the one we have is small apt. size) The location was just one block further from the office than we now are. The catch is it costs 100 lats more than the one we are in, and that might not have included all of the utilities. They are a little cagey about what is included and how much.

We then went to a 2nd one which was about the same size but had nothing in the 2nd bedroom (not a problem because the mission owns some beds). The other bedroom had a queen or king-size bed in a room large enough for a twin, or maybe a double bed. But it just wasn't clean. It had a stove and oven and large fridge, but no table and chairs--a couch was in the kitchen. It was on the 6th floor so had an elevator but elevators here are about the size of a small closet.

So, for now we have quit looking. Pres. Dance is hoping to move the mission office closer to the mission home within the next 6 months so we'll probably wait until that's decided and then find an apt. close to that location.

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