Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grocery shopping and food

I've been asked about the food available here. I think I've mentioned a few things over the last 3 months, but I've had 3 months more experience now. We shop almost exclusively at Super Netto. That's the name, but it isn't descriptive of the store at all. It's not much bigger than a corner grocery store from my youth. As you enter, you can pick up a basket or you can pay to have a shopping cart. Few pay for a cart, and the aisles are so narrow that a cart is probably more of a handicap than a help.

There are no glass door refrigerator cases. The dairy products are setting out on shelves that are cooled, but nothing like home. So, we reach back as far as we can for the carton of milk, which comes only in 1 liter size--no half gallons or gallons. We had enjoyed a certain yogurt and it was always available--until 2 weeks ago. It was gone from the shelves. We even went to a Rimi's (larger but still nothing like home) and that brand/type was nowhere to be seen. The yogurt here is almost liquid. In fact, some of it is a drink. The missionaries pour it on their cereal. The one we liked was more comparable to Yoplait in consistency. They are now carrying Activia and so we are buying that. It's good, but it's not the same as what we enjoyed.

Veggies and fruit and available and take up about as much space as one "carousel" in Dick's market. Potatoes are in a waist-height cardboard box, fresh from the field--at least they are very dirty. You can never depend on finding any given item. We are always pleased, and surprised, to find green seedless grapes. They are very good (even after being chlorinated). Don't know where they come from. There is a very small canned fruits/veggies section. They have peas and corn (haven't found any canned green beans). The corn is very good, but the peas are starchy and large, except for one brand we've found. We found and tried frozen peas last week, but they, too, were starchy. It seems they pick the veggies late.

As you walk into the store, on both sides are drinks. No soda, I don't believe, but lots of alcohol and water, on both sides as you walk down the aisle.

But, we find enough things that we enjoy and that are nutritious.

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