Saturday, March 28, 2009

Drew's baptism

Today, Saturday, March 28, my youngest grandson will be baptized. Of my 17 grandchildren, this is the first baptism I have missed. Of course I knew I wouldn't be there back in November.

What I didn't know is that on this very day the youngest son of a family in my ward is being baptized and I will be attending that. There are so few children in my branch that this is a special gift from a loving Father in Heaven.

A couple of hours later we will attend the baptism of two young Russian-speaking Latvian men. Each of them has been well-prepared and has studied a great deal. One (age 35) has been investigating the Church for a year and has read more than many members have. The other is a man in his early 20s. It's wonderful to see good young men accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and, following His example, entering into the waters of baptism.

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