Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our loving Father in Heaven - revised

I had a very wonderful experience that I want to share with you all. Read the following series of events.

In August I received a call to serve in the Baltic Mission. On November 26, I arrived in Riga.

In December, Scott and Julie (oldest son and daughter-in-law sent me two tour books for the Baltic countries.

In January, Nathan (my grandson, age 17) emailed to tell me he had an interest in art nouveau architecture and had learned that Riga has a museum on that, and would I take some pictures.
I told him I would when the weather warmed up a bit. I had learned from the tour books that Riga has an entire district called the Art Nouveau District.

February 10, I traveled to Tallinn, Estonia for visa work. Sister Harper and I and one young Elder, Elder Alex Hansen, were the only ones making the trip that day. On the way home on the bus, the 3 of us were visiting about many things and I felt prompted to tell him about Nate's request. I didn't do so, thinking it wasn't pertinent to anything we were discussing. The prompting came a 2nd time, and this time I acted upon it.

Elder Hansen then related an experience he and his companion had had a few days earlier. They had knocked on the door of a woman and had a pleasant visit with her. She told them she had something she wanted to give them and brought out a DVD of art nouveau architecture in Riga. She had been involved in producing the DVD.

Neither Elder Hansen nor his companion had an interest in it and didn't know what they would do with it, but accepted it. Elder Hansen told me I could have it to send to Nate.

The more I have thought about this series of "coincidences" and the more I share it with others, the more amazed I am. What are the odds that each of those things came together, to answer the request of one young man in West Jordan, Utah.

I know that our Father in Heaven loves each of us and is aware of us, and desires to bless us. I know that this entire experience came about as an expression of our Father's love for Nate. And I am thankful I could be an instrument in His Hands.

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