Saturday, August 15, 2009

The new office

Below is Elder Gubler's office; in the middle is President Dance's office; and Sister Humphrey is sitting at her "temporary" desk. She will share the space with the Assistants when they come into the office.

This is my office, from the doorway, and the picture to the left is the view from my chair (facing as it is in the picture below). I always seem to take the picture when my desk is cluttered.

Below is the view as you walk through the front door: Sister Gubler's desk.

There is a long hallway down to my office, that of Elder Gubler and President Dance. And a workroom with a table where we eat our lunch and have our morning devotional. We don't have a kitchen here, but do have a fridge, microwave and a toaster (holdovers from the other office). Each of us have large windows on one wall of our office and the office is situated in such a way that the sun doesn't ever shine directly into the windows--kind of glances off of them.

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