Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pictures of Sigulda

The view from the tower was amazing--can't really appreciate it from the picture.

This is the tower (10-11 stories high) and that's Elder Gubler hanging Sister Gubler's green bag out the window. Later she, Sister Humphrey and I all walked the spiral stairs up there. The picture of Sister Humphrey is proof that we made it to the top (note the view from the opening). I took the picture --that's the only proof I have that I made it to the top, too. Sorry I don't know how to rotate the pictures.

As I mentioned in another entry, on the way to Sigulda I discovered my camera battery was dead, so these are pictures from Sister Humphrey's camera. There are times I feel like I've stepped back in time.

We had seen this wedding party earlier in the day and they showed up at the castle. I think the photographer had pre-arranged things. The groom had to sing a song so they could pass by the serfs.

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