Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another full and interesting week

If you look hard, you can see the brass placque identifying the Church on the brick wall. The branch met in an apartment in that building prior to the new meetinghouse. Such a difference and the members are so pleased to be in the new building. We went on a walking tour of Liepaja in the afternoon. The weather was beautiful. Liepaja, as is all of Latvia, is a very, very old city.

This is the Liepaja meetinghouse that was dedicated yesterday. We began the day with a 3 hour bus ride to Liepaja, which is the 3rd largest city in Riga and, in my opionion, a much nicer, cleaner city. The meetinghouse is the 2nd Church-owned building in Latvia (the other branches meet in rented facilities). This was the group from the bus walking toward the building.

This is Sister Humphrey and me in side the foyer. It's a beautiful new building. Being the vain women that we are, Sister Humphrey and I were each critical of the way we look. She has lost perhaps 20 lbs. since arriving 6 months ago and said she looks "fat" and I have lost about 8 lbs. in the 10 months since I left, and I look like I've gained in my stomach--it's just the sweater!

This is Verners Ceimer, the young man who baptized Andris last Saturday. I visited with him as we were on a walking tour of Liepaja yesterday and he said it was his "name" day and he had forgotten to bring his camera. I told him I would be happy to take a picture of him and this is it. He's a very sharp young man and is planning to go on a mission. He was just baptized last month, so has to wait till next August. He goes out with the missionaries in Jelgava and loves it.

The photo below is of Verners and Andris, and Elder Thompson, Elder Wendelboe, and Elder Argyle.

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