Saturday, November 21, 2009

8 Degrees Celsius means no heat!

At least that's what we thought on Wednesday of this week. It was one of the several Independence Day celebrations in Latvia (when you have been occupied several times and then gain your independence, you celebrate each anniversary). 18 November is one of the biggest anniversaries and everything was shut down, as far as businesses. The mission office is in a large office complex and we were the only ones working on Wednesday.

So, when we realized there was no heat in the office, we attributed it to the holiday, and looked with dread to the Christmas/New Year week+ celebration. When there was no heat the next day, nor the morning of the next, we decided that the powers that be felt it was warm enough outside to shut the heat off. Thankfully, Friday afternoon, the heat was turned back on. A couple of the missionaries came in Friday morning and said the city was probably just testing the equipment, or working on it. Hopefully, they were right and we will have heat from on until 15 April--when no matter what the temperature is, the heat is turned off for 6 months.

I surely do look forward to being in my own home again, and being able to regulate my thermometer. Until then, I am thankful for warmer temperatures outside and for heat whenever we get it.

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