Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13 and it snowed!

After dinner today we came over to the office to email. I opened the window of my office and took these pictures. The one on the left shows the lights at the opening of the underground parking entrance. The one on the right is directly across from our building. During the weekday, there are Christmas lights among the shrubs. The lighted sign (with blue background) is a new business that sells windows. The one to the right of it is advertising friezetava (beauty salon) pedkurs and manikurs. I memorized the friezetava early on here. I always thought it humorous that a beauty salon would advertise "frizzy" hair. Of course, in Latvian it means something else.

We awoke to snow this morning and it continued to snow very lightly all morning. The temperature is hovering at 32 F or zero C. I'm finally getting use to psyching myself up that zero here is not sooo cold.

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