Monday, June 22, 2009

#4 Autobuss doesn't take us home!

Sister Humphrey and I had an unplanned adventure on Saturday night. We left the office at 8:50 and boarded the first bus that came, because I realized I don't know how late the busses run and I thought #4 sounded like one that would take us home.

It did go in the right direction, crossed the river and stopped at Stockman's. But that's when things changed. Instead of taking a left turn, it went straight, on a road that veered to the right, and kept veering to the right. I decided we needed to get off but the next stop was the end of the line for #4--at the bus barn.

We began walking back (I was confident I knew in which direction we needed to go--no mountains or anything to get my bearings here). We went 3-4 blocks, crossed the street and walked down a street. I was praying as we went, as I had no idea where we were. We came to a place where we had to choose to go right or left. I decided left was best. And then I looked up and saw the name of the street--Gertrudes! Yeah! That's the street where this huge old church is that is located just above where we meet for Church. I knew Brivibas (our street) intersected with Gertrudes. I just didn't know how many blocks away we were from Brivibas.

We probably walked 8-10 blocks before I could see the big old church. We reached Brivibas and turned right (now I knew where we were) but had to walk a couple more blocks before we came to a bus stop. Once we are on Brivibas, we can take any bus that comes by to reach our place. So, we boarded the first one that came by. We walked into the apartment at 9:50--an hour after leaving the office.

Of course, we were blessed that it is daylight until who knows when here (sometime after I go to bed). And the other thing for which I feel greatly blessed, I have never felt unsafe here.

So, now we know we don't take the #4 autobuss unless we just want to go to Stockman's.

The miracle is that, as I thought about our adventure, I realized that if we hadn't found ourselves on Gertrudes, I have no idea where we would have ended up. I thought I knew which direction we needed to go, but I was wrong. I know the Lord heard my prayer and that He does watch over His missionaries.

I also feel confident now that I can find my way around, even when I get lost, with the Lord's help!

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