Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The new apartment!

Below is a view of the living room, looking from the entry hall. That's Sister Humphrey studying her scriptures. This furniture is as comfortable as it looks and, after sitting on the hard wood seats for 7 months, it's wonderful!!! The other two pictures below are different views of the living room. The landlord left the TV and DVD player, the art work, the nice wood furniture and the decorative plates.

Below is the front door/entry hall.

This is the Toilette room.

This is a shoe holder that sits in the entry hall just outside of my bedroom.

The kitchen may not be any larger than the other one, but is configured differently. The washer is larger than the other one, and we have much more storage now. We have a microwave and a good-sized toaster oven, but not a regular oven. This window looks out on the back courtyard where we have a large, lone tree.

Note the lamp over the table. There are recessed lights in the ceiling but this is the one we have to use whenever we have the washer, microwave, or toaster oven on. We were all settled in by Saturday evening and, after doing quite a bit of cleaning, had found a place for everything. Sunday, after raining for two days, it felt a bit chilly in the apartment, so we had 2 small space heaters going, lights on in the living room, and the toaster oven roasting chicken, when the power went out. We thought it was related to the rain and expected it to come back on shortly. Fortunately, the chicken was cooked and we had dinner with light from the windows. After awhile, Sister Humphrey noticed a light on in the building across the way. I opened our front door and saw the light on in the hall. So, after a call to the landlord, trying to reset the circuit, a visit by the landlord and, two hours later, the arrival of a neighbor who had a tool to open the electrical box outside of our apartment, we had power again. That's when we learned that we are quite restricted in what appliances/lights, etc. we can use at the same time.
It was such a surprise and a disappointment to me, because they have done some very nice things in the apartment, including placing outlets all over the place (the old apartment had very, very few outlets), but they didn't re-wire the apartment. So, I will learn how to live with this.

The saying came to mind: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

This is our large jacuzzi tub which we enter from the end. We both prefer showers so haven't tried the jacuzzi. The shower head is very nice and I am, once again, very thankful to be limber and agile at my advanced age.

This is the view of the bathroom from the tub. The floor is heated as is the towel rack (the curved tubing). It's very nice to have a larger sink.

This is my bedroom. It's so luxurious compared to the bedroom I shared with Sister Humphrey. It has more furniture than needed, but at least I've found a place for everything.

My bedroom from the other side. You can't really see the desk, but it's a very nice wooden desk and the chair is very comfortable. My bed is beneath the window.

I thought I took pictures of Sister Humphrey's bedroom, but apparently not. She has a large queen size bed and a wall of closet, but one third is being used by the landlord and 1/3 is cubby holes, which are very handy for many things.

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