Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Palace and gardens

In an earlier blog I told of having visited Rundale Palace. There was snow on the ground, the trees were bare and it was very cold. Today, there was no snow on the ground, the trees were leafed out, the gardens were visible and planted, but it was still on the cold side.

This is the entrance to the palace. There were quite a few people there today.

Here are some pictures. The gardens are beautiful, but the tulips had bloomed, only one of the peony bushes was in bloom (it will be spectacular in another week or so) and only a rose here and there in bloom (another couple of weeks and it will also be beautiful). The gardens go forever and are well cared for. There are two little cafe areas/picnic areas amongst them. We had brought a lunch, but ate it in the car as it was too cold to do so outside.

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