Saturday, January 9, 2010

View from my bedroom window

Multiple apartment buildings are built with shared parking lots/back "yard."
We are blessed with an apartment that has cross ventilation--Sister Humphrey's bedroom looks out over the street, and mine looks out over the back. The pictures are of the two buildings that are joined but have separate entrances. The pictures probably make them look better than real life, now that I look at them. Looking out my bedroom window, I can look into the rooms across the way and, if someone is near the window, I can see them.

The picture to the far right, shows the "drive-throughs" that are common here. This one doesn't lead to a street, just to another parking lot. One just like this has been created at the bottom of our building and makes our coming and going much more pleasant--no potholes, it's lighted and, when we are going to catch the bus to the grocery store, we can wait in it's protection until our bus comes.

I took this picture because it looked neat to see the snow slipping off the roof, but just hanging there.

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