Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another haircut

Today I approached the beauty shop again and was pleased and grateful to learn that the receptionist spoke some English. And there was someone available right then who could cut my hair--and she spoke some English.

The first haircut lasted 5-6 weeks and I came to feel it was the best haircut I've ever received, other than the bangs being cut too short. I tried to ask for the same stylist but didn't have the name close enough for the receptionist to know who I was talking about, or maybe she's no longer there. Anyway, Alla cut my hair this time and she did a very good job. It's not quite as short but should last at least 4-5 weeks. And still no perm. I think I've had a perm in my hair ever since I was about 10 years old (except perhaps through the high school years--dont' remember for sure then). So, it's nice to not have to have a perm. Of course, couldn't do it without mousse and hairspray.

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Dan and Nicole said...

Hi Grandma! I love reading your stories but post more pictures! We miss you!