Saturday, January 24, 2009

The autobuss, rhymes with moose

I had my first ride on the autobuss this week. I'm still learning the difference between each mode of transportation and its correct name. Autobusses (is that the plural?) are like American buses--no wires above or tracks beneath--just a regular bus. The interesting difference here is that there is a conductor seated on a raised platform to receive your money (no paper tickets used on these) 40 santies (about .80 US). It's best of have correct change. If you give her (or him) a lat (smallest paper money--about $2 US), according to Sis. Harper, you are apt to receive a handful of santies in return.

Our conductor was a large, older woman (I've got to quit calling people older---older than who, certainly not than me) who wore her glasses way down on her nose and carefully eyed everyone who got on the bus to make sure no one slipped in a back door without paying.

This morning we were waiting for a trolley bus (bus with wires connected above) and an autobuss came by. It had a sign in the window advising there was no conductor on board, so only one half of the "folding" door was opened and the driver had to collect and give the tickets to everyone boarding.

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