Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zone Conference picture at the Gulf of Riga

Just wanted you to see the snowy beach and us missionaries huddled together. The Baltic Sea or, maybe more accurately, the Gulf of Riga, is in the background. Don't know if you can see it well enough to identify me. I'm in the center front with the tan coat and the white hat/scarf. Sister Harper is two people to my left, in the black coat with the gray hat and scarf. If you happen to be able to enlarge the picture enough, you will notice my insulated "winter whites" (thanks to Gayle Billings for telling me about them) showing below my coat. They have been a life saver when it's been so cold. They only showed below my coat because I had my arms around the two young sisters. By the way, Hallie, the tall sister on my left is Sister Burton who plays the violin so beautifully.
What looks like a flashlight is a reflector on Sis. Dance's coat or arm. It's required that you wear a reflector on your coat or purse at night. I have one on my purse. Everyone just wears them all the time, so we are legal if it happens to get dark when we are out. Does it look cold enough?

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