Saturday, January 24, 2009


If you think potholes in Utah (and other places I'm sure) are bad, you should see the gulleys on the streets around our apartment complex. And they don't ever seem to do anything about them. I wonder what they do to the frames of the cars.

People who live in the apartment complexs park their cars just anywhere. One person parks their car directly in front of the step up to our building. Others just pull off onto the grass, wherever there is a spot, and park.

I do have to say, though, that the drivers in Riga seem to be the most polite and courteous I've ever seen. I saw one the other morning stop well before a driveway where he noticed a car backing out. Sis. Harper said if you are crossing the street in front of a car that is stopped for traffic ahead of it, you don't have to worry that the driver will run over you if the traffic starts up again. And the traffic lights turn yellow before red and before green. The traffic stops immediately when the light turns yellow--unlike in Bountiful where drivers were making left turns through red lights.

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