Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow and children

Children are the same everywhere. There is a hill behind our apartment building (nothing like Cheese Park in Bountiful) and the children were out in full force. They have sleds of various types. Some are like the sleds you see in a Thomas Kinkade painting--old fashioned with the runners that keep the "seat" several inches off the ground.

One of the most interesting kind is one that looks like a deflated whoopee cushion. I don't know what it's made of, but they sit on it and go down the hill.

The advantage to having shorter hills is that it's a lot easier to climb back again.

Across the street from the office is a park with a hill that drops down to a ledge or wall and there were children tubing down that and "flying" off the ledge.

The children are bundled up very warmly here. Sister Harper made the observation that you never see parents carrying children. Babies are in buggies and from toddlers up, they are walking beside adults--parents or grandparents.

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