Sunday, April 19, 2009

A concert at the mission home

The night before the Friday concert at Guilde Hall, we were treated to a wonderful violin/viola concert in the mission home.

Two young missionaries were leaving and one, Sister Burton, plays the violin beautifully. Her mother came to pick her up and she plays the viola in the Orchestra at Temple Square.

Following the dinner and testimony sharing with the two missionaries, several invited guests arrived for the concert. Sister Burton served as a Russian-speaking missionary and she introduced the program in Russian. Her mother had just arrived from Utah 15 minutes before the concert began, and watching her face as her daughter spoke in Russian, brought back to my mind the first time I heard Scott speak Korean, and Keith speak Japanese, after their missions. The last time you saw your child they spoke English and then you hear them speaking this very foreign language, and you just marvel.

Sister Burton and her mother played for about an hour, often accompanied on the piano by a very talented Elder Eddington. It was just such a lovely treat.

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Christina said...

Sveika Māsa Klundta! My name is Christina Bishop and I served in Latvia from '98-2000 and I just stumbled on your blog today. I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures and hearing how things have changed in Latvia since I left. Hearing you talk about your experiences and post pictures of everything has made me really rather homesick for Latvia. Thank you for sharing your testimony with those wonderful people. Oh, and don't let the dour faces fool you. Once Latvians learn they can trust you, they are some of the warmest people you will find. Your efforts and those of all the missionaries there are in my prayers! Veiksme!