Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tallinn, again

Last Tuesday, we made another trip to Tallinn, Estonia, so Sister Humphrey could do her visa/living permit work. The trip was pleasant and we accomplished what we set out to do. I'll describe the pictures. The woodsy one is to show how they build houses in amongst the trees in Tallinn, giving it a feel of the mountains, even though some of the homes are large and very nice. But you don't see lawns like the States, just lots of tall trees and the kind of grass that grows in the woods.

The gas price looks pretty high, right? But this is Estonia where the Kroon is the form of currency, and it's liters, not gallons. So, the price is roughly $2-$3 USD per liter. Another example of the Kroon price is the picture of sets of silverware. Yes, that's 329 Kroons for the nicer silverware and 149 for the "picnic" type. It would take awhile for me to get used to paying that many anythings. That's a lot of paper money to pack around.

We had dinner at the same pizza place and I took the picture to show that it looks just like Pizza Hut (I think that's the American brand it looks like). They have the ingredients in Estonian and English. I have always enjoyed pepperoni pizza but their pepperoni isn't like the States and I don't like it as well.

The last picture, of the building, is one I tried to take last trip. The bottom portion of the building is very old and they have added the glass top and it just looks silly and unstable to me. The building is so tall and narrow anyway.

That should have been my last trip to Estonia. It was a beautiful day and we did a lot of walking. We ended up having Elder Long traveling with us for his permit. Turns out his father served a mission in Washington and spent 9 months in Walla Walla! I don't remember him--it was in 1968-70. Such a small world. His Dad loves Walla Walla so they have visited several times but I've been gone from Walla Walla almost as long as young Elder Long has been alive.

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