Saturday, April 11, 2009

The view from my apartment building

Below is a little flower garden that someone has planted, with bulbs and other perennials. It's been wonderful to see things coming to life. I think there are some peonies and I'm very excited to see them. This is right outside of the door to our building.

In the center is the view across the road as we exit the building. It's a very nice playground and, in this Spring weather, there are lots of kids taking advantage of it. Beyond it is a new last year, skateboarding place.
Well, the pictures have jumped around on me again, but I trust you can figure out what I'm describing. There are 160 apartments in our building (and half a dozen other buildings) and people just park their cars wherever they find a place, including right outside our door. I'm actually surprised how many have cars, and pretty new/nice ones, given the apartments in which they live.
We can always recognize our door--it's the one with the orange square painted on it. Otherwise, we would have to count the doors to know which one is ours.
Next time I need to share pictures of the road--and the potholes. It can't be good for the cars.

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Dan and Nicole said...

I love the pictures Grandma! I'm glad you are enjoying the weather. We are starting to too!