Sunday, October 11, 2009

Add "teacher" to my responsibilities

On Tuesday afternoon, President Dance sat down in my office and asked how I would feel about teaching English class evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays through this transfer (5 weeks)--starting that evening. He said we could just go down and observe Elder Long that evening and then start on Thursday.

Sister Gubler overheard and said she and Elder Gubler would do it on Tuesdays and we could do it on Thursdays. Since we were out of fruit in the apartment and had planned to go to the store that evening, I was happy to let them do that.

Thursday evening we walked to the Church and taught 8 people. It went okay. There were 3 first-timers but the others had been there before. They are very nice and desirous of learning. We teach the highest level because they can understand English on some level. We can't teach the lower levels because we can't speak Latvian.

Anyway, the lessons are very well-planned and simply outlined. We teach 45 minutes and then have 15 minutes for a prayer and spiritual thought. The time goes very quickly. The students have assignments and do group learning--lots of opportunities for them to speak English and increase their vocabulary.

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