Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don's Donulis

A few weeks ago, as we walked to Church, we noticed a new business going in across the street. It had a sign "Don's Donulis" and the "o's" in both words were donuts. That was our first clue that a donut shop was going to open (we're really sharp that way). We watched with interest as they painted inside and brought bright pink chairs and tables in. Finally it opened.

On the way to zone conference, Sister Gubler, Sister Humphrey and I stopped in and, to my delight, they offer Berliners (in Walla Walla we called them Bismarcks). In case you aren't familiar with Bismarcks they are raised donuts without the holes and filled with jams or cream or pudding, etc. Anyway, my husband introduced them to me many years ago and they are very tasty. And these tasted more like American pastries than anything I've tasted here. And after 11 months of Latvian fare, American anything is a treat.

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