Sunday, October 11, 2009

I may just receive the Pulitzer Prize after all

After writing the article for the Church News, Sister Jegina (the Director of Public Affairs for the Church in Latvia) asked me to write an article for the Liahona about the Relief Society women's conference that was held in Liepaja 3 weeks ago. I did attend it but didn't know I would be asked to write about it, so hadn't taken notes or pictures--and it was 3 weeks ago!

I searched my memory and came up with a rough draft and sent it off to Sister Jegina. We'll see what comes of it.

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Teala said...

I enjoyed reading your article in the Church News about Elder Perry's visit and Latvia. My son is serving in Estonia, Elder Lee, and I like reading your perspective of the mission and the countries. I have been "lurking" in your blog for a few months and have really enjoyed what you have shared. I look forward to reading your next article in the Church News!!