Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dinner with the Dances

Last evening, Sister Humphrey and I were invited to go out to dinner with President and Sister Dance. They took us into Olde Towne, to a very old restaurant in a 14th Century German wine cellar--that's what it was built and used for. The waiters were dressed like serfs. The lighting was by candle, which made for nice ambience, but difficult to read the menu. The menu was interesting itself, written in English and other languages, with comments about various items that had been the favorite of this King or Monarch, or such. They offered such things as fawn, pigeon (we've wondered why they haven't found a use for the hundreds of pigeons in Riga), rabbit and deer. I ordered baked vegetables which were very tasty.

The waiter brought a burlap-wrapped bundle for each of us after we had ordered. They were tied with a piece of burlap and contained two delicious biscuits.

The tables, benches and chairs were made of large, old planks of wood. The walls were 3' deep (you could see through openings). We had to walk down to the restaurant from the street level with, again, only candlelight. Fortunately, there was a railing on one side. The stairs were deep and high and curved down to the cellar.

We had a really enjoyable visit with the Dances. One of the perks of being the office missionaries.

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