Friday, July 17, 2009

Fresh berries!!!

Having spent most of my life in Oregon and Washington, I am used to having fresh berries--many varieties, and I love them--fresh, on cereal or ice cream or cottage cheese, in pies or other desserts, etc. I have really missed having fresh berries this summer. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered raspberry bushes located outside of our office. The office is a two-story building and the daughter of the owner, and her husband and 2 young children, occupy the top floor. They are in America for the month of July (she's from New Jersey), so the berries would have just dried up if I hadn't found them. So, I've been "forced" to go out and pick them every couple of days. We in the office are enjoying them!

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, one of the sisters from the Russian Branch in Imanta brought in a container of blueberries she had picked. They are the size of BBs, or smaller, but very tasty, and very much appreciated.

We did finally find some good strawberries in the store--for about a week, and we really savored them.

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