Thursday, July 2, 2009

YW Camp in Latvia

Sister Humphrey received a phone call a couple of weeks ago from President Dance, letting her know that he had volunteered her to help out at Girls' Camp in mid-July. The District YW leader is a 20-year old, married to the President of the Russian Branch. She does speak English very well, but doesn't seem to be prepared or organized anything like at home.

Yesterday, Sister Seriha brought Sister Humphrey the menu for the 4 days and told her she will be the cook--over an open fire. The menu is European--not enough food for the 4 days to feed our YW for a day or two. Chicken soup with pasta and carrots the first night; taco soup the 2nd night, boiled potatoes and canned meat the 3rd night. Salad will be served with each dinner--cukes, tomatoes, peppers, with olive oil. Fruit teas are very big here so the girls will have fruit, tea and cookies for snacks. No chips of any kind, no crackers, and the only bread is for sandwiches for lunch.

The only running water is a spring some 100 feet from the site. She's been told there is 1 toilette (I suspect that's a fancy name for an outhouse). She doesn't know if she will have a tent or be sleeping under the stars. She does have a sleeping bag, courtesy of the mission home.

There is no refrigeration, so trips will be made into a town each day to buy fresh produce/meat/yogurt.

The camp is less than 2 weeks away and poor Sister Humphrey has a multitude of questions. And she, being a member of only 2 years, didn't even know there was such a thing as YW camp and has no idea (other than what we've been telling her) what goes on.

Just another example of working with members when the Church is so new and young and so few members. But, in time they will learn and grow, and Sister Humphrey will make the most of the situation. I told her this is in preparation for when she will be called to work in the YW program back home.

When she returns, I will share her experience. Right now, I'm just thankful President Dance volunteered her and not me.

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