Saturday, July 18, 2009

We discovered a new Tirgus!

Tirgus means open market and there are lots of them. We noticed a week or so ago, on our way to Church, that there was one near our apartment. This afternoon (Saturday) we decided to take a look.

A little background: In downtown Riga there are lots of old buildings along the street. In between every two or three buildings, is an opening (with an iron gate) which leads to buildings behind the ones in front.

This Tirgus looked like it was just a few booths through one of these openings (it doesn't have an iron gate) but we found it takes up perhaps half a city block. There is stall after stall, all selling pretty much the same thing--fresh fruits and vegetables. They also have some that sell clothing items, and there were a couple of little kafenicia (small cafes). We bought some tomatoes, lettuce, cukes, raspberries and beets. TThe beets still had the greens on them, so we took them home, chlorinated everything (but the beets) and had a wonderful lunch. I cooked the beets and the beet greens. Sister Humphrey had never heard of eating beet greens, but really enjoyed them.

It was so wonderful to find fresh produce. Oh, and by the way, the blueberries I wrote about are actually black currants. Which explains their size. I knew they looked different than blueberries, but couldn't think what else they would be.

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