Thursday, July 2, 2009

Off-street parking

I was on the bus coming to work yesterday and thought about how narrow the streets are and how the cars zip out and around the busses and I'm sure there are going to be head-on crashes. (Actually I haven't even seen an accident of any kind here.) It occurred to me that there are no parking spaces on most of the streets, and then I remember wondering why cars just park on the sidewalks in town. Duh! There's no other place to park. There are no signs indicating it's alright (or not) to park on the sidewalk, but people just do it.

Elder and Sister Carson, the CES missionaries, have a car but opt to ride public transportation often because there are no places to park. There are a lot of cars on the streets and I have seen a few parking "towers" like we have, but as far as just parking in front of a store to run in, or in front of a business for an appointment, public transportation is more convenient.

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