Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sister Humphrey survived YW camp

Sister Humphrey returned late yesterday afternoon, after 4 days of camp in a beautiful, but rustic setting. There was a single outhouse. She cooked over a campfire (something she had never done before). She found that most of the girls could speak some English and she learned from them how to play "And It Came to Pass." A local family had brought it from America.

There were large mosquitoes and horse flies, and frogs. She had taken OFF and it worked well. Herb and fruit teas are very popular here--a Latvian and Russian tradition, so she had to keep the fire going all the time, so they could have their teas for snack and meals.

She wasn't able to go on the hikes or do much of what the others did (because of the need to guard the camp and keep the fire going) but did have an opportunity a couple of times to interact with a couple of the young women as a leader and she enjoyed that.

She is 5'4" and that's how long her tent was. It rained all one day and the next day, she found some plastic to put over the tent. Her sleeping bag dried out before she had to roll it up and bring it back.

She had a great attitude about it all and made the most of every situation. We've assured her that when she has the opportunity to go to YW camp in America, it will not much resemble what this camp was like.

The leaders here are young and new in the Church and don't fully understand all the purposes of camp. The YW weren't given assignments to help with the cooking, collecting firewood, or getting water from the spring. There are only 7 YW in the District, from 5 Branches. So, they have challenges with their peers who being smoking and drinking at very young ages. But they seem to be strong and things like camp and youth conferences where they can gather together, are helpful.

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