Wednesday, May 13, 2009

15-20 Lawrence Welk wannabe's

Last night Elder and Sister Gubler and Sister Humphrey and I went to a concert at the huge, and very old, St. Peter's Cathedral. Elder Gubler loves to take a break from the office, go into Olde Towne and see what concerts are coming up. Of course, they are all in Latvian so he can't really tell what most of them are, but occasionally there is a picture so he can at least guess.

Yesterday morning he told us that there was a concert at the Cathedral but he didn't know what kind or what it would cost. We decided we would go and see. The cost was perfect--free. We walked into the main hall and there up front, warming up, were all these young people (age 10 and up, I guess) with accordians! I wondered how difficult it might be to sit through it, but was absolutely delighted. The performers were very good and the accordian plays much more than polkas, ala Lawrence Welk.

What was even more fun, as we looked over the printed program (in Latvian) we recognized some names and musical pieces, for instance (written in Latvian) H. Mancini (hat over the "c" (pronounced ch) and tail on the "n." The piece was Sarada (hat over the S and is said sh).

R. Rodzers (hat over the z) - Do-Re-Mi un Edelweis; E. L. Vebers - Opera Spoks (Phantom of the Opera selection). The E in Latvian is pronounced A and that's the only reason I can think of for Andrew Lloyd Weber to be E.L.Vebers. Another of his pieces, Memory, no muzikla Kaki (from musical Cats). J. Viljams - Imperialais marss no k/f Zvaigznu kari (John Williams' Imperial March from Star Wars) and E. Preslijs' Love Me Tender. I didn't know Elvis wrote that song. One composer was J. Tempests and the music "The final countdown." The music was familiar but I couldn't place it and don't know the composer. Another number was D. Ellingtons' Karavans.

They also had adult, very professional-sounding, guests soloists: a cellist, a pianist and a man who played the sax and the clarinet. All of them were excellent and the accordians accompanied in the background.

The children are students of two female teachers who directed their students. The one wore black tux with tails.

The concert lasted 1 1/2 hours and was so very enjoyable. Elder Gubler looks not only for the concert, but for the venue. He wants to see something performed in each of the several venues. Several he and Sister Gubler have gone to are recitals of piano students, or voice students. There haven't been too many they didn't enjoy.

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