Saturday, May 2, 2009

New discoveries

With the warmer weather, Sister Humphrey and I have taken advantage to go walking a couple of evenings. We walked in the opposite direction of the office, and found two little markets. We bought some apples in one--the best apples I've seen since my arrival here. In fact, they were very much like the apples from my tree in Bountiful.

We also discovered a little veikels (market) on the street behind our apartment building. It was the most American-like market we've seen. It was even air-conditioned (a little too much, I thought), but clean and offering more selection.

Markets are not as identifiable here as at home. I had passed this one for nearly 6 months and didn't know it was a market.

One of the best treats I've had here is a small treat made by Karums. Many of them are chocolate covered, but one is white chocolate covered with a berry center. They are probably 5 cmx2 cm x2 cm. The centers are made of cottage cheese, but it's whipped (and may have a little sugar added) so it's the consistency of good cheesecake. They have come out with another one--lemon covered and lemon center--tastes just like a very good lemon pie.

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