Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some miscellaneous pictures

The picture of the lettuce is to show the unique (and ingenious) way they raise and sell their leaf lettuce. The little pot you see at the base has the roots to the plant. They simply plant the seeds in a little peat pot, grow the lettuce, then when it's ready to sell, they wrap cellophane around the whole thing and that's how we see it at the stores. The lettuce is very fresh and green, as you can see.
The field will need to be enlarged to see what I see all over Riga. Meadows of Dandelions. From a distance, when they are in bloom, it's very pretty--yellow flowers. But you know what happens when Dandelions are through blooming! So there will be a never-ending supply of Dandelions here in Riga, and this part of the world, I guess, knowing how the seeds are blown all over. They don't mow their lawns very often--perhaps a couple of times during the summer I understand.

This is the view from our 4th floor apartment. During the winter, all we saw was branches and then other domes across the way. The domes are virtually hidden now by all the beautiful trees, all leafed out.

This picture is of a neat little mode of transportation for your children here in latvia. It is like a tricycle, but has a handle on the back with which the parent/grandparent can guide the child and even push them--no bending over. Some of the handles even have the capability of steering the wheels. Some of them have little places for the child to rest his feet if he's tired of peddling. I wonder if there is anything like this in the U.S. If not, entrepreneurs out there, I think this would go over big in America!

Here we go again--guess which comment matches which picture! One of these days I'll figure out how to do this right. The picture of the Seagull at the dump and the picture of the dump go together. We hadn't ever seen a seagull up close so I took a picture. The dumpsters (there are probably up to 10 of them) are located away from the domes (fortunately we are quite a ways from them). There are seagulls and crows around them, as well as people sometimes rummaging through them.

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