Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're not in Kansas any more!

Ever since I arrived in Riga I, and others, have said something to the effect, that we need to find this or that. When it's been said, it's not available here, the favorite saying is "we're not in Kansas any more." Just because something should be available here, doesn't mean it is.

For instance, I would love to have manila folders here in the office. They don't make them here. It's much more challenging to file things in hanging files when you don't have manila folders, or anything like unto them. Scotch brand tape (or similar) is unheard of here. Their tape is terrible--very difficult to cut and messy to use. Elder Gubler needed a wrench--couldn't find one like he needed anywhere. Baking powder is such a staple in America. No one could find any until we located some in Rimi's--not in round containers like we have, but in little packets (similar to Kool-aid--or that's the closest I can think of). Cinnamon also comes like that, as do all the herbs and spices.

Peanut butter doesn't exist here, (but thanks to my children, I have enough to keep me satisfied for the next year) nor do chocolate chips (or baking chips of any flavor). Canned soups (an American staple) aren't sold here, except at Stockman's for about $4 a can. They are Campbell's but only about 4 kinds. We saw cherries for sale this week nearly $9 per kilo (roughly 2 lbs.) Yellow cheese is also non-existent. Boy, do I look forward to Tillamook when I return!

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