Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art Nouveau District - Finally, Nate

My grandson Nate, as you may know from a former entry, likes art nouveau architecture. Sister Humphrey and I have intended to go to that district in Riga and take pictures--on a warm Saturday. This past Saturday was not particularly warm, but we went to a park where a family activity day was taking place. The missionaries were invited to participate, handing out pamphlets about the family. We went to see if we could help out. They didn't need our help there, and one of the missionaries walked us to the World Trade Center (yes, there's one in Riga, too) where next weekend the District Conference will be held for Latvia.

As we walked toward the WTC, I saw a sign pointing to the art nouveau district. I didn't realize it was that close to where we were, so we walked through a couple of blocks and took pictures. I hope you can enlarge the pictures so you can see the detail.

These buildings are very old and I am amazed at the architecture and the creativity of the builders. They really cared about making buildings interesting.

The one immediately to the right here is the Russian Embassy. It is as well protected, almost, as the U.S. Embassy. It's a beautiful old building. They use more color in their business buildings than we do in the U.S.

I have several more pictures which I may post later, but I have several things I want to add to my blog this evening.

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