Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hairstyle update

It's now been a month or so since my last update. I'll try to get Sister Humphrey to take a picture to add to this (she's occupied right now).

There is a unique hair styling instrument I've been using this week and finding it works well as my hair is getting longer. It's a combination curling brush and hair dryer. The handle is a little large for my hand, but I'm getting used to using it. So now, instead of blow-drying my hair and then using the curling brush, I do it all in one operation.
Now, take into consideration two things. It's 9:30 Sunday evening and I haven't combed my hair since this morning. I ended up taking the pictures myself--hence the weird front view and the less than wonderful side views. But you can see me without a perm and with hair longer than I've had it for many, many years. However, as I look at the pictures, my hair doesn't really look all that long.
A young woman came to Church today--she and her husband have just moved back to Riga, after having lived in England for awhile. She's a hairdresser and she's working in a shop a couple of blocks from where we will be living a month from now. I may go to her and have it shaped and trimmed. She speaks English very well, so I could communicate with her about what I want.

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GrammaonaMission said...

Wow, looks good to me. It sure is good to see you. I think of you often as I ponder what I'm doing here and where I am going from here. I have my ticket to Germany in November and just might try finding out just how hard it might be to get to Latvia. Would your mission president approve a visit?
Thanks for the great example you are. Love ya,
Sister Kingsley