Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another great zone conference

This ZC was different than the others in that we were divided into groups of about 3-5 companionships and rotated from one room to another. In each room we learned about a new teaching skill and then were to practice it--one-on-one. That is a little intimidating because the missionaries are out each day teaching, but I found it challenging and kind of exciting to be able to try the various skills out.

I hope I can apply the skills in my life, in my relationships. The first skill we learned was asking questions that will help to get beneath the surface. For missionaries, that is to help understand why an investigator doesn't keep his commitments (to read the Book of Mormon, attend Church, pray, etc). The reason he/she gives may not be the "real" reason.

That's true in our relationships with people. The more we can understand one another the richer our relationships will be.

In the first room, half of us were "missionaries" and the other half were "investigators." The "investigators" were told what their "real" reason was for not attending Church, and the "missionaries" were to try to discover it. I was teaching Elder Weston (nephew of Bryan and Joanne Weston for those who worked with me in the Temple). I asked some questions and then I had this amazing experience--the Spirit told me what his reason was. I KNEW what it was. I asked him about it and he told me that was the problem (he was scared and didn't know anyone there).

When the Spirit teaches or inspires our mind, it is such a unique experience and one you cannot deny.

The ZC ended with President Dance teaching. He's such a great teacher. He taught us about Grace. He had us look in the Bible Dictionary and taught about the ennabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I had not thought of Grace in that way before and was thankful for the enlightenment.

We are so blessed to know of the Atonement of Jesus Christ--the Redeeming power to repent and overcome our sins and weaknesses, and to feel His peace and comfort through difficult times. To understand, also, that Grace is His ennabling power, which allows us to grow and progress and become all that He desires for us. There is so much to learn and understand and I'm thankful for the tools and opportunities the Lord gives me to do so.

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